Pearls from Fox Fine Jewelers


Pearls were discovered thousands of years ago while man was searching the seashore for food and throughout history have been the gift of love. With its warm inner glow, the pearl has countless references in religions and mythologies of many cultures and in ancient Rome, they were considered the ultimate symbol of wealth and social standing. Today, pearls are the foundation of every woman’s wardrobe. Giving this gift, so precious, is easy with our stunning collection of cultured pearls.


OysterInShellA pearl begins its life when a foreign object enters the body of an oyster and cannot be expelled. Nature can cause this, or man can insert an object, creating a “cultured” pearl. To protect its soft body, cells within the oyster secrete a smooth, hard substance, called nacre, around the irritant. In two to three years of depositing layer upon layer of nacre, a beautiful pearl is formed. Pearls are grown in Japan and China, producing both salt water and fresh water pearls, and in the South Seas, where both uniquely colored, and black pearls are produced in rare and large sizes.

We are pleased to handle both salt water cultured and freshwater cultured pearls, as well as a selection of black Pearls. Our Pearls are always beautifully matched in luster, shape, color and size. We carry single strands from choker length (14 – 16 inches), princess (17 – 19 inches), matinee (20 – 24 inches), and opera (28 – 34 inches). We also have multi strands, single and multi-strand bracelets, pendant and earring sets, stud earrings from 4.0 mm to 8.0 mm, rings, and Tahitian drop pendants. Whether it is sweet sixteen, a June birthday, a wedding , or just because, our variety of pearl styles and choices will provide the perfect gift.