Eight (8) Diamond Moments in a Woman’s Life

  • 1. Sweet 16

    Create a special moment with your teenage daughter. It can be a very special moment especially between a father and daughter. Don’t you want to be the man to give your daughter her first diamond. A small diamond pendant is appropriate.

  • 2. Graduation

    Traditionally in the spring, but now days many students are graduating at mid term. It is a time to recognize her accomplishments, and a life time of remembrance to her of how proud you are of her. Diamond earrings are a great choice as they are part of her basic jewelry wardrobe. What better way to send her on to college or career.

  • 3. Engagement | Wedding

    Women start planning for their wedding when they are still little girls, and one of the most important moments in a woman’s life is when you get down on your knee and ask her to marry you. She will never, ever forget that day, or how carefully you created that very special moment in her life. Please understand, men, that it doesn’t have to be really big, really fancy, or really expensive. Women don’t care so much what you spend; they care about how much you care. That makes her feel special, and when she feels special, she will make you feel special. So when you find that wonderful lady that you choose to spend the rest of your life with, know that your proposal will create a moment that will be fun for her, fun for you, and will show the whole world how happy you are together.

  • 4. Anniversaries

    So guys, what did you give her last year for your anniversary? Was it flowers, or chocolate? How about an appliance? Do you remember? Does she remember? Listen men; ladies are hoping you will find a truly meaningful, significant way to reflect upon the time you have spent together. Diamonds are, quite simply, the ultimate gift of love. The Classic Anniversary Band with a single row of diamonds or the Three Stone Anniversary ring that represents the Past, the Present and the Future are two ideas that really can capture the moment, and at the same time have her looking forward to the happy years ahead. This year make a lasting impression. Diamonds are forever.

  • 5. Birthday

    A birthday is the celebration of the anniversary of one’s birth. Of course, the first thing we think of is that diamond is the birthstone for April. Whether it is a ring, pendant, or earrings, a diamond gift in April will show her how much you appreciate that she was born. (Thank her mother by buying her a diamond!)

    All other months have colored gems as their accepted birthstones, but keep in mind that diamonds are a colored stones best friend. Color is complimented and beautified by accenting it with diamonds. Surprise her any month of the year with a color and diamond ensemble. A perfect example is the three stone anniversary ring, with a birthstone in the center of two brilliant diamonds. So for her birthday, April or any other month of the year, experience the power of the gift of diamonds, and create a birthday diamond moment.

  • 6. When you are in the dog house

    Let’s face it men. When do you need a diamond moment the most? When you are in the dog house! When you did what you did, you weren’t thinking. You know it. She knows it. The question now is; how do you show her how sorry you really are and how you really feel about her. A diamond moment can give you some credibility. It’s a real symbol of your love and commitment to her in the future. You have to mean it. But when you do: come and see us. We make heroes every day.

  • 7. Holidays

    Holidays can be great diamond moments. Think of Valentine’s Day, a great day to show that special someone just how special they are. What about a special Mother’s Day gift of a diamond for your mother, or the mother of your children, or the mother of your grandchildren. Create a special Moment. ( ladies think Father’s Day) One of the biggest holidays is Christmas. Create a truly white Christmas with a bright white diamond. Diamonds are forever.

  • 8. Special Occasions

    Special occasions are great time for a diamond moment. How about at the birth of your first child, as a wedding gift, or to celebrate a personal accomplishment such as a new job or a job promotion. The reasons are as unique as the relationships. But maybe the best special occasion is no reason at all. We call it; Just Because! No reason except how much you care.

An assortment of bridal rings for your very special day


The quality of a diamond is assessed 4 ways:

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An assortment of bridal rings for your very special day

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An assortment of bridal rings for your very special day
An assortment of bridal rings for your very special day

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An assortment of bridal rings for your very special day

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